Friday, August 28, 2009

MJ a Rocker


In honor of his birthday here's a massive FREE Download from the Drastics!

Some of you thought it was a joke ... but it's very very real ... and finally here ... ! Our tribute to Michael Joseph Jackson .. imagine Sir Coxsone in the production seat instead of Quincy and you're about half-way there ... Included are I Want You Back, Rock With You, Don't Stop 'til You Get Enough, Billie Jean, Smooth Criminal, and The Way You Make Me Feel ... These aren't instrumentals or covers-per-se ... you just gotta hear it to believe it MC Zulu would say ...

Or Download it Here


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

GO FEET! Radio #46 The Native Sons

Episode 46 - The Native Sons - 26 August 2009

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Marcus from The Native Sons joins me to talk about the band and an
upcoming gig in Raglan, NZ. A swell guy and true ambassador for making
life better for tangata whenua (people of the land). Big Ups Marcus
and massive respect to The Native Seeds ... Hear This!!!

1. The Native Sons - Got No Time For Negativity [NZ]
2. Rico Rodriquez with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - L-O-V-E
3. Lord Tanamo with Doc Ring Ding - I'm In The Mood For Ska
4. The Specials - Conquering Ruler
5. The Native Sons - For The Children [NZ]
Interview with Marcus of Native Sons
6. The Native Sons - Two Good Seeds [NZ]
7. The Managers - Sinister [NZ]
8. Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Slapstick
9. Seespot - The Pushover
10. The Aggrolites - By Her Side
11. The Wailers - Get Up Stand Up
12. 10ft Ganja Plant - Wailin'
13. Burning Babylon - Manuka Skank

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GO FEET! Radio #45 What A Wonderful World

Episode 45 - What A Wonderful World - 19 August 2009

A musical mix up of tasty treats in this episode. While we weren't able to get Ed Ru from band Sweet and Irie on the line (he's a busy man launching his band's new CD 'Localize It'), keep it locked to GO FEET! Radio as I'm sure we'll manage catch up with him in a future episode. We give away more FREE tickets, this time to Sweet and Irie's Ngaruawahia gig (Sat 22nd Aug). Ya gotta like those freebies aye. Big Ups to Paul at and all the crew there.
Next week ... Marcus from The Native Sons keeps us updated on the band and the their gig at Orca, Raglan on Sat 22 Aug PLUS more FREE tickets for lucky listeners. Woohoo!

Tonights' instrumental is Zion High by Dubwise Meets Confucius [NZ]
1. Predator Dub Assassins - Air Force One
2. Easy Star All Stars feat. Bunny Bugs and U-Roy - Lovely Rita
3. Mr Symarip - Sugar Dumpling
4. The Skatalites - Outback Dub
5. Johnny Clarke - Don't Want To Be A Rudeboy
6. The Mighty Diamonds - Eyes Of Africa
7. Black Uhuru - Hard Time
8. DJ Scratch 22 and the WBC horns - Ba Ba Boom [NZ]
9. Katchafire - Love Letter [NZ]
10. The Native Sons - Hand In Hand [NZ]
11. Sweet and Irie - Reggae Music [NZ]
12. The Aggrolites - Reggae Summer
13. Cherry Poppin' Daddies - Soul Cadilac
14. Rico Rodriguez - Wonderful World
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Monday, August 17, 2009

GO FEET! Radio #44 Box Juice

Episode 44 - Box Juice - 12 August 2009

Feature interview is with front man Ray Bishop of band Box Juice, a fresh NZ reggae band with a ’sunshine’ reggae flavor and an indigenous social consciousness and willingness to fight against issues of smoking, alcohol abuse and family violence. Don’t forget to enter the draw to WIN Box juice’s album plus more!!!

1. Box Juice – Find Your Strength [NZ]
2. Cherry Poppin Daddies – Skaboy JFK
3. Courtney John – Lucky Man
4. Jah Faith – No Bother Grumble
5. Box Juice – Taihoa Mo Te Whanau [NZ]
6. Box Juice – What You Gone Do [NZ]
7. Box Juice – Shine The Family Light [NZ]
8. Bryon Lee and the Dragonaires – No Woman No Cry
9. Johnny Clarke – Nice Time
10. The Skatalites – Bye Bye
11. 10ft Ganja Plant – Soon Come
12. The Skatalites – Doreen Special
13. Rico Rodriguez – Work Song
14. The Aggrolites – What A Complex
15. Lloyd Charmers – Skinhead Train
16. Sweet and Irie – Uncle Bob [NZ]
17. LKJ – Di Black Petty Booshwah

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Listen to 2:29 off 'Skaboy JFK' here

In celebration of the bands 20th year in the music business, Eugene, Oregon’s horn-heavy, genre-bending, multi-platinum-selling Cherry Poppin’ Daddies are giving store shelves a double shot of musical goodness in September: both “Susquehanna” and “Skaboy JFK: the Skankin’ hits of the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies” are scheduled for release on September 29, 2009, on Rock Ridge Music/Space Age Bachelor Pad Records. “Susquehanna” will finally receive its national release, as it was previously only available on the band’s website, while “Skaboy JFK” is a compilation of new ska tracks with older Cherry Poppin’ Daddies ska songs (some of which have been re-recorded) in a collection that comes off like a classic of the genre.

Says CPD band leader Steve Perry: “We are excited to be working with Rock Ridge Music on the release of ‘Skaboy JFK,’ because we have had a previous successful working relationship with their CEO Tom Derr, while we were both at Universal Records. Rock Ridge has done a great job promoting and distributing Reel Big Fish records (our ex label mates) and this record is directed at some of the same markets, so it’s a perfect fit for us. We also made a deal to have Rock Ridge distribute and promote our 2008 recording, ‘Susquehanna,’ which had previously not received distribution outside of our web site. This is our coming-out party after a bit of a self-imposed hiatus, and we are happy to be with a company with such great industry bona fides.”

“As has been done by Steve and CPD, Rock Ridge again sees the opportunity to break some ground, break some rules, and break into dance," says Rock Ridge Music CEO Tom Derr about the upcoming Cherry Poppin’ Daddies releases.

“Susquehanna” brings together the Daddies West Coast retro style and Latin influences: Flamenco, Greaser Rock, Swing, Ska, Glam, and Soca to name a few. The album is an experiment in narrative storytelling through shifting genres. “I wanted each song to come across as a chapter in a modernist novel,” Perry says of the record, “like James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses,’ where the literary style/genre that each chapter is written in is radically different. So it’s a pop album, disjointed, and maybe even jarring, in style and structure, but it’s thematically coherent.”
Like their 1998 multi-platinum smash “Zoot Suit Riot: the Swingin’ hits of…,” the new album, “Skaboy JFK: the Skankin’ Hits of the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies,” will emphasize a single genre, this time the 60’s era up-tempo form of pre-reggae Jamaican soul known as ska. “Skaboy” will combine four new recordings with tracks from the group’s earlier catalogue, reflecting all the waves and varieties of ska: Traditional/Bluebeat (“2:29,” “Soul Cadillac”), Two Tone (“Hammerblow,” “Skaboy JFK”), Third Wave (“Hi and Lo,” “Sockable Face Club”). There are even funky Fishbone-esque hybrids for good measure (“Slapstick”).

With “Skaboy” the Daddies plan to reconnect with a ska audience that is largely aware of the band as merely a swing band. “We toured with many of the iconic ska bands when we were coming up,” Perry says, “like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Fishbone, Reel Big Fish, The Specials, No Doubt, and Madness, but at that time, we were really touring behind ‘Zoot Suit Riot,’ so we didn’t play a ton of ska in our sets. Now we will.”

Speaking of sets, the band plans to tour in support of both albums, with tour dates to be announced soon.

Cherry Poppin’ Daddies can be found online at: or

Sunday, August 9, 2009

GO FEET! Radio #43 Motown Flies Jamaica

GO FEET! Radio #43 Motown Flies Jamaica

Posted: 08 Aug 2009 10:35 PM PDT

ja motown

Episode 43 – Motown Flies Jamaica – 5 August 2009

Coming up in episode 44 (12 Aug), an interview with Ray Bishop, front man for Box Juice – NZ's newest Reggae band to hit the recording studio PLUS your chance to WIN a FREE NZ Reggae Prize Package. Keep it locked to GO FEET! Radio.

1. Isley and The Steadies – This Old Heart Of Mine
2. Leslie Butler – Ashanti Ganja Dub
3. Smokey Robinson – Being With You
4. The Marvelettes and The Steadies – Please Mr Postman
5. The Beat – Tears of a Clown
6. Marvin Gaye – What's Going On (Truth and Rights Remix)
7. Little Stevie and Jay 'Dusty' Smith – Uptight
8. Kenny Parker – My Whole World Is Falling Down
10ft Ganja Plant – So Much Confusion Dub (FREE DOWNLOAD)
10. Cornell Campbell meets The Gaylads w/ Sly and Robbie – Love and Understanding Dub
Box Juice – Pick Up the Knowledge [NZ]
Sweet and Irie – Jah Love [NZ]
Katchafire – Doesn't Anybody [NZ]
14. The Skatalites meets King Tubby – Dub of Love
Ringo Ska – Can't Buy Me Love
16. Amy Winehouse – Monkey Man
17. The Bashments – In My Time
18. Leonard Dillion – No Want No Bad Woman
19. The Orobians – Napoleon Solo
20. The Pepperpots – It's Raining
21. Johnny Lover and Destroyers – Nevada Joe
22. Nora Dean – Barbwire
23. Seespot – Needles and Pins
24. The Skatalites meet King Tubby – Herb Man Dub
10ft Ganja Plant – Got To Be A Solider (FREE DOWNLOAD)


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