Friday, October 28, 2016

#420 :: 2016 Halloween Spooktacular

GO FEET! Radio #420
Wednesday 26 October 2016
10pm-11pm, FreeFM89.0, Hamilton, NZ.

Its that time of year when we delve into the vaults of horror to pull out some blood dripping, spine tingling musical morsels and mash them all together for our annual Halloween Spooktacular, and here it is! Enjoy!

If you like the sound of this episode you really ought to check out where I got my my inspiration from, go check out what our friend John aka Reggaexx is doing at Distinctly Jamaican Sounds

1. King Horror - Frankenstein
2. Skin Flesh & Bones - Bad Beast
3. Vin Gordon - Red Blood
4. Keith Hudson's All Stars - Satan Side
5. The Upsetters - Taste Of Killing
6. The Rudies - Devil's Lead Soup
7. Jackie Paris - Run For Your Life
8. Stone Brothers - Duppy Story
9. King Tubby - The Dark Destroyer Dub
10. Blue Rivers And The Maroons - Witchcraft Man
11. Jackie Mittoo - The Executioner
12. Mikey Dread - Pre Dawn Dub
13. Roland Alphonso & The Bunny Lee All Stars - Devil's Disciple
14. Peter Tosh - Dracula (Vampire Version)
15. Advocates Aggregation - Satan Pickney
16. Bunny Lee's All Stars - Devil's Playground
17. Jah Adam - Halloween Town
18. Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra - Lon Chaney (Extra Spooky Version)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

GO FEET! Radio's Halloween Spooktacular

Check your back door is locked secure, we're about to put the needle on the record with this year's Halloween Spooktacular. Big ups to John AKA Reggaexx at for the inspiration, the support and the exposure. Cue the wolf howling, and the witch cackling. 
Here comes another monster!!

Get the live stream on Wednesday 26th Oct, 10pm NZ time via

Thursday, October 20, 2016

#419 :: Better Days

GO FEET! Radio #419
Wednesday 19 October 2016
10pm-11pm, FreeFM89.0, Hamilton, NZ.
LIVE stream:

Leo Dub selects all vinyl, no filler, all killer. 
Next week, Nate Ness Monster presents a Spooktacular Halloween episode.

Gideon All Stars - Ixes
Jackie Mittoo - Going Home
Trammy - Horns of Paradise
Supersonics - Walk Away From Home
Alton Ellis & The Flames - Cry Tough
The Gaylettes - Silent River Runs Deep
The Techniques - What Am I Do
Vin Gordon - It's Your Thing 
Glen Brown - No More Slavery
Carltons - Better Days
The Upsetters - Tight Spot
Tommy Mccook - Sidewalk Killer
Lynn Taitt & The Jetts - I Don't Want To See You Cry
Byron Lee and the Dragoniers - Rockers
Firebug - Gotta Find A Way

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

#418 :: Midnight Maneuvers

GO FEET! Radio #418
Wednesday 12 October 2016
10pm-11pm, FreeFM89.0
Hamilton, NZ.

Get well sooner DJ Skin & Bone, see you back on air on the 2nd November. Coming up on GO FEET! Radio next week is Leo Dub, then on 26th October we have a GO FEET! Radio Halloween Spooktacular, then DJ Skin & Bone rejoins us on 2nd Nov. On the 9th Nov we have a special triple treat. We'll have Leo Dub, DJ Skin & Bone and Nate Ness Monster all in the studio with a 2-hour GO FEET! special. Tune in or come up to the Free FM studio to hear their favorite tunes of 2016 and a whole lot more.

1. The Ethiopians - Hong Kong Flu
2. Soweto - Sick And Tired
3. The Brooklyn Attractors - Black Beans And Rice
4. The Suffers - Make Some Room
5. The Frightnrs - Trouble In Here
6. The Uplifts - The Lion Tamer
7. The Oldians - Same Old Song
8. The Skatalites - Midnight Maneuvers
9. Skatalites - Dub Maneuvers
10. The Indecision - Swing Those Hips
11. Rude Rich & The High Notes - Back Stabbers
13. The Upsessions - Ride On Donkey
14. Katchafire - If I Had The World

Thursday, October 6, 2016

#417 :: Hey Brother, Do Unto Others

GO FEET! Radio #417
Wednesday 5 October 2016
10pm-11pm, FreeFM89.0,
Hamilton, NZ.

Want to hear some new tunes? Try these. 
Now be sure to go thank the artists or you won't get any pudding. 
How can you get any pudding if you don't thank the artists?

1. Crazy Baldhead - Jackin' Mittoo
2. Sapo Banjo - Folsom Prison Blues
3. Lynval Golding And Contra Coup - Know Your Rights
4. The Uplifts - The Birds And The Bees
5. the Frightnrs - Hey Brother (Do Unto Others)
6. Westbound Train - Medicine
7. 2000 Tons of TNT - Jungle Curse 
8. Courtney John - Strangers
10. Vin Gordon & The Real Rock Band - Heaven Again Dub
11. Cornerstone - Miserable (Fredric's Song)
12. Rocksteady City Firm - I'm Trouble