Friday, February 15, 2019

#539 :: When I Fall In Love (13 February 2019)

1. Dr Woggle & The Radio - When I Fall In Love
2. Smokin' Fuzz - When I Fall In Love feat Kevin Batchelor
3. Papa Beat Sunset - Fall In Love
4. Le Birrette - Love And Affection
5. The Georgetown Orbits - Garden of Love
6. Derrick Morgan - Lover Boy
7. Drop Collective - Love Me or Leave Me
8. David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 - Someone Else's Love Song
9. The Specials - Black Skinned Blue Eyed Boys
10. Two Tone Club - I'm Not Safe with Your Love
11. Hollie Cook - Vessel Of Love
12. Jr Thomas & The Volcanos - Forever
13. Bad Manners - Walking In The Sunshine
14. Capone - Love I Can Fell

Friday, February 8, 2019

#538 :: Birthday Tribute to Bob Marley (6 February 2019)

Happy birthday to Bob Marley. He would have been 74 today, 6th February 2019. Here's a tribute to Bob Marley by some pretty amazing artists. Enjoy.

1 Annie Lennox - Waiting In Vain
2 Corinne Bailey Rae - Is This Love
3 Nina Simone - No Woman No Cry
4 Playing for Change feat. Bono - War No More / Trouble
5 Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I Shot The Sheriff
6 The Specials - Redemption Song
7 Sublime - Zimbabwe
8 The Wailing Wailers - What's New Pussycat
9 The Impressions with Curtis Mayfield - I Gotta Keep on Movin'
10 Chronixx - Guiltiness 
11 Tara Nevins - Talkin' Blues
12 Johnny Cash feat. Joe Strummer - Redemption Song

Friday, January 25, 2019

#536 :: LIVE Recording Wednesday :: Reggae Sun Ska Festival 2018 (23 Jan 2019)

In this episode of LIVE Recording Wednesday we bring you a selection of bands that featured at Reggae Sun Ska festival in France back in 2018. Last year's lineup was amazing and 2019's lineup looks to be another all killer, no filler lineup too with Ziggy Marley, Dub Inc, Tiken Jah Fakoly and Don Carlos already announced. 

1 The Selecter 
2 Jimmy Cliff 
3 Mo'Kalamity 
4 Havana Meets Kingston 
5 Hollie Cook

Thursday, January 17, 2019

#535 :: Windy City Sound System's Mento / Calypso Spotlight (16 January 2019)

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve been putting together these Windy City Sound System on Go Feet! Radio shows for one full year! We wanted to do something special and out of the ordinary, so we’re taking a bit of a divergence from our usual ska and reggae fare, and have an hour’s worth of calypso and mento music!

● The Jolly Boys - Take Me Back To Jamaica
● Lord Cristo - Dumb Boy & The Parrot
● Lord Mike & His Dirty Calypsonians - Sweet Lord Mike
● The Upsessions - Blackberry Pie
● Prince Buster’s All Stars - Cut Munno
● The Hiltonaires - Woman Smarter
● Lord Lebby & The Jamaican Calypsonians - Hol’Im Joe
● Count Owen & His Calypsonians - Hula Hoop Calypso
● The Cabrians - The Great Conspiration
● Lord Spoon & David - Woman A Love In The Night Time
● Dr Ring Ding - The Cat & The Rooster
● Lord Kitchener - Come Back Home Meh Boy
● Lord Flea & His Calypsonains - Shake Shake Sonora
● Lord Brynner - Who Put The Pepper In The Vaseline
● Mighty Sparrow - Kennedy & Khruschev
● Duke Harris - Island Woman
● The Jolly Boys - Beautiful Garden

Friday, January 11, 2019

#534 :: Top Ten Releases of 2018 (9 January 2019)

 Anyone that knows me knows that I dig ska, rocksteady and reggae. From the first time I heard One Step Beyond by Madness, and Rudy, A Message To You by the Specials, there was no turning back. In fact, I went looking for records or cassettes that had any connection to this infectious beat. What I've enjoyed since then (the 1980s) is how this music has evolved. Here's ten tunes from some of my favorite releases of 2018. There's many others I enjoyed too so I may have to do another show to feature them. A huge thank you goes out to all the artists, bands, and distributors that sent me music. And to the local and international community of fans that has shown support for GO FEET! Radio, thanks heaps! ~ Nate Ness Monster
The Oldians (We Are Reggae) - We Are Reggae
The Delirians (El Remedio) - El Remedio
Jr Thomas and The Volcanos (Rockstone) - What A Shame
Smokin' Fuzz (Revival) - Answer
AceTones (More Ace!) - Rolling Like a Trojan
Hugo Lobo feat. Hepcat (Neigbourhood Rules) - Rest Yourself 
Two Tone Club (Don't Look Back) - One in a Millionany record that 
Capone and the Bullets (This Is Fusion) - Good Times
Exile Di Brave (Reality Chant Productions) - Equally
The Specials - Vote For Me

And here's a special mention of two compilations that came out in 2018 that I highly recommend if you're wanting to get a taste for modern ska, rocksteady and reggae.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

#532 :: LIVE Recording Wednesday :: Alton Ellis live at The Jazz Cafe, London 2008

The Godfather of Rocksteady's last ever performance, 
recorded just two months before his death at the age of 70. 
The 14-song setlist includes 'Dance Crasher', 'Girl I've Got a Date', 
'I'm Just a Guy' and 'Muriel' and much more. 
The quality is amazing, the mood is great, 
and Alton Ellis aka the Dance Crasher is on point. 
Oh yeah, and Alton's son, Christopher Ellis, 
joins his father on stage too! Be sure to listen to both parts below 
for the full concert. Enjoy!

Part One
1. Harder and Harder
2. I'm Just a Guy
3. Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
4. (My) Willow Tree
5. Christopher Ellis - Satta Massagana
6. Christopher Ellis - La-La Means I Love You
7. Muriel
8. Let Him Try
9. Girl I've Got a Date - I'll Take You There
Part Two
10. Ain't That Lovin' You
11. I'm Still in Love with You
12. Christopher Ellis - I'll Never Love Again
13. Christopher Ellis - Dance Crasher

Thursday, December 20, 2018

#531 :: Windy City Sound System's Best of 2018 (19 December 2018)

2018 has been one of the busiest years I can remember, in terms of quality ska, reggae, and rocksteady releases. Rather than put together a list of best album, we’ve put together a list of our favorite songs: whether it be ones that have been on heavy rotation over or ones that just made a big impact on us. We hope you enjoy, and let us know what your favorite songs/releases were from this year! 

Well Charged - Family Tree 
Y-Bayani & His Band of Enlightenment, Reason And Love - Mi Sumolo 
Jr Thomas & The Volcanos - Chin Up 
The Fuss - Old Testament 
The Delirians - El Remedio 
Rusty Zinn & Watson Unlimited - Rock Me (It’s So Easy) 
The Magnetics - Shake Your Tailfeather 
The Georgetown Orbits - Garden Of Love 
Janet Kumah - Sing It Loud 
Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Night Boat To Cairo 
The Pandemics - Killing Time 
The Sentries - King Of Ska 
Alpheus - Nah Go Tek It 
Mr. Leu & The Nyabinghers - Mad About You 
Javier Martin Boix & Bass Culture Players - A Change Is Gonna Come 
Unsteady - Bed Bug 
The Royal Architects - Night Howler

Thursday, December 13, 2018

#530 :: Kingston Factory Presents ... The East Coast Sessions (12 December 2018)

New sounds from around the globe to start this episode off, then a full entire album. 
We play entire albums on GO FEET! Radio for one reason, because they're damn good. Period. Kingston Factory Presents East Coast Sessions is one of those albums. It's so good we fell in love with it from our first listen. It features loads of top musicians and producers on the modern scene with strong links to the originators of Jamaican music. Producer Esteban Descalzo has done a marvelous job. You can purchase Kingston Factory Presents…The East Coast Sessions from Liquidator Music.

Lee Scratch Perry - Mr Brown In Town
The Kinky Coo Coo's - Face To Face 
The Cabrians - Money in the land
The Cabrians - Yankee Dollar Dub
Phoenix City All-Stars - London Calling Dub
Jackie Mittoo - Hi Jack

Kingston Factory Presents…The East Coast Sessions
Kelly Di Filippo - The Line
Jah Point - Nah Face the Light
Jr. Mukka - Parlor
Carlton Livingston - Teaser
Alex Tea - Barbara
Maddie Ruthless - Shadows of the Street
King Django - Please Just Don’t
Stephen Jackson - Sounds
Caz Gardiner - In That Moment
B.Davis - Out the Race

Friday, November 30, 2018

528 :: Guns of Auckland Ska Fest, Bluesfest, and Beyond (28 November 2018)

Here's a big shout out to the Auckland Ska Festival kicking off this weekend at Galatos 3pm. A special mention here about Atsushi Moisty - he got a big shout out from David Rodigan on BBC Sounds. Here's what Atsushi had to say:

"Oh wow, I have never thought that my song would be played on BBC. This made my day!! David Rodigan played Sound of the Ska (early classic from the Moisties which is also on Rudies All Around compilation - worldwide release). And I have never thought that David Rodigan would complement the recording by comparing to Federal Studios recording of Jamaica. If anyone wants to listen, follow this link, it’s around 1 hour 12ish. I just feel very humble. More life!"

In the mix as well are tracks from more artists just announced for Bluesfest Byron Bay 2019. And a whole lot of tasty tracks to help you ease into the weekend. Enjoy.

Atsushi and the Moisties - Sound Of The Ska
Dimestore Skanks - Lady Ska Ska
AceTones - Rolling Like a Trojan
Surrey Boudit - Guns of Brixton (Live at Grey Lynn RSC
Phoenix City All-Stars - Guns Of Brixton (dub)
Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Judge and Jury
Iggy Pop - The Passenger
Staya Staya - La Muerte del Dictador
Peter Tosh - I Am The Toughest
Derrick Morgan - Lover Boy
Angel Town Combo - Adorable You (Live)
Winston Francis - Ten Times Sweeter Than You
The Debonaires feat. Angelo Moore of FISHBONE - Oil In My Lamp
The Slackers - Have The Time
Jr Thomas and the Volcanos - Mr Harriott
The Untouchables - Tighten Up