Wednesday, March 29, 2017

#442 :: LIVE Recording Wednesday :: The Skatalites LIVE in Argentina, 2005 (29 March 2017)

GO FEET! Radio #442
Wednesday 15 March 2017
10pm-11pm NZ time, FreeFM89.0

This episode starts a new feature on GO FEET! Radio where we will play LIVE tracks or a whole concert from a band/artists on the fourth Wednesday of each month. To start this new feature we're taking things back to where it all begun - THE SKATALITES. Without them we wouldn't have what we know as Ska today, nor would there have been the evolution of Jamaican music as we've had it. Perhaps it would have morphed into something else, who knows. All we know is The Skatalites = SKA!!! 

The LIVE Skatalites concert we're bringing you in this episode is The Skatalites recorded live at TEATRO ARMENIO, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sept 23-24, 2005. We've selected tunes from both nights. Enjoy!!

Freedom Sounds
Eastern Standard Time
El Pussy Cat
Guns Of Navarone
Sugar Sugar
You're Wondering Now
Real Rock - Rockford Rock Medley
Latin Goes Ska

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Carl Perkins (Papa Carl) of House Of Shem diagnosed with Terminal Bowel Cancer

Carl Perkins is a New Zealand reggae icon. He's also a husband, a father of 5 sons, a grandfather, and a great grandfather. Perkins started his career as guitarist and songwriter in the legendary band, Herbs. Nowadays he is the rangatira of internationally renowned family band, House Of Shem.

Three days before his 58th birthday on 15 February 2017 Perkins was diagnosed with bowel cancer. One week later following an MRI & CT scan it was confirmed by the consultant that the cancer had advanced and was non-treatable with months to live. Despite this prognosis Perkins will not give up and remains positive.

His wife, Denise Perkins, has started a fundraiser project at

Kia kaha whanau, may the Lord keep you in good spirits as you endure your journey ahead. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

For all press inquiries and letters of support email please email Denise and her whanau direct at

#441 :: Yes We Are (22 March 2017)

GO FEET! Radio #441
Wednesday 22 March 2017
10pm-11pm NZ time, FreeFM89.0

Plenty of great new tunes in this mix, peppered with some awesome classics. Ska, rocksteady, roots, reggae, rebel, and a little bit of good time! 

The Specials - A Message To You Rudy
8'6 Crew - Yesterday I Was
Delroy Wilson - Got to Get Away
The Upsessions - Golddigger’s Catch Of The Day
The Upsttemians - Voy Volando
Joey Altruda feat. Ernest Ranglin - Man Of Action (free downloads)
Soul Radics - Everything I Said I Wouldn't Do
Jump With Joey - TV Tray
Inna De Yard feat. The Viceroys - Love Is the Key 
Thee Hurricanes feat. Charlie Organaire - Windy City Rock 
Kingston Allstars - Swing Back
Courtney John - Yes We Are
The Screw Ups - Reach Out
Prince Buster - Kings of Old
Common Kings - Lost in Paradise
House of Shem - Anything You Ask For

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

#440 :: Roy Ellis aka Mr Symarip (The Boss) Interview - Final (15 March 2017)

GO FEET! Radio #440
Wednesday 15 March 2017
10pm-11pm NZ time, FreeFM89.0
LIVE stream:

Third and final part of Nate's interview with Roy Ellis aka Mr. Symarip (The Boss). 
Check out the other two parts on this blog or on mixcloud
Check out Roy Ellis' website here:
And check out Liquidator Music here:

Symarip - Skinhead Jamboree
Pyramids - Can't Leave Now
Mr Symarip - The Skinheads Dem A Come
Roy Ellis & Thee Hurricanes - Can You Feel It
My Symarip - My Caravan Queen
Roy Ellis (Mr Symarip) - She Surely Pick Me Up
Roy Ellis (Mr Symarip) - The Incredible Things You Do
Symarip - Skinhead Girl 

#439 :: Liquidator Music (8 March 2017)

GO FEET! Radio #439
Wednesday 8 March 2017
10pm-11pm NZ time, FreeFM89.0

Liquidator Music (1997) is a music label in Madrid dedicated to the classic Jamaican rhythms: rocksteady, reggae, ska and soul music.

They have released many records for terrific modern bands as well as many classic artists from Jamaica. Founder, Toni Face, even went looking for Roy Ellis aka Mr. Symarip and when he found Roy living in Switzerland he helped Roy with his comeback. In this episode you'll hear a mix of music that's very typical of the quality and variety found at Liquidator Music in Madrid. Enjoy! 

Keith and Tex - Goodbye Love
Smooth Beans - Reggae Time
Roy Ellis (Mr. Symarip) - The Skinheads Laugh At Me
Smooth Beans - Paren El Tren
Keith and Tex - Back In The Day
Upsttemians - Alright
Cabrians - Seek A Pum Pum
Soweto - Learn the Ska
Cabrians - Drummond's Knife
Roy Panton - Seek And You'll Find
Transilvanians - Gates Of The West
Soweto - In For A Penny, In For A Pound!
Upsttemians - Wreck It Up!
Roy Panton - Cherita
Transilvanians - Police Opression
Roy Ellis (Mr. Symarip) - Skinhead Johney and Susy

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

#438 :: Part Two of Roy Ellis aka Mr Symarip (The Boss) Interview (1 March 2017)

GO FEET! Radio #438
Wednesday 1 March 2017

Part two of Nate's interview with Roy Ellis aka Mr Symarip.

1 *The Pyramids - Dragon Fly
2. *The Pyramids - Reggae shuffle
3. *The Pyramids - Stingo
4. *Symarip - Phoenix City
5. Roy Ellis - When Those Skins Come Marching In
6. *The Pyramids - Telstar
7. Symarips - These Boots Are Made For Walking
8. *Seven Letters - The fit
9. Symarip - Skinhead Moonstomp
10. *The Pyramids - Feel Alright
11. *Symarip - Parson's Corner
12. E.K. Bunch - Banana
13. *Roy Ellis - Mr. Wang
14. The Four Gees - Ethiopia
15. The Four Gees - Rough Rider
16. The Original Africans - Mr Full Stop
17. The West Indians - Beautiful Baby
18. *Mr. Symarip - Eastern Star
19. *The Pyramids - Dragon Fly
20. Roy Ellis and The Teenagers - Let Me Take You Higher
21. Roy Ellis and Thee Hurricanes - Get Up
*Songs behind the interview