Friday, June 3, 2011

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis - Smoking in Heaven album preview


FREE DOWNLOAD from Roger Rivas (Aggrolites)

For days and extra days the maestro is back again to hit you with 5 more shots of Version. This time in collaboration with some of the great reggae collectors around the world, Roger Rivas continues to wow the crowd with melody from early UK/JA reggae. Los Angeles very own Mark Morales brings some heavy tunes from the vaults. Mark is the standard in Reggae collecting and has been stunning audiences worldwide with his tunes. The Hot Shot Sound is never short of amazing tunes! Also lending some great musical numbers to Roger are Brazil’s Jurassic Sound. Real sound system and collecting from these reggae fanatics. Jurassic Sound is serious business! Bring the heavyweight from all angles in this Organ Versions Vol. 2. Enjoy!

Los Angeles born and raised Roger was surrounded by music . His father Roger Rivas Sr. was a crucial part in the "Brown Sound" of East L.A playing keyboards for the legendary group known as Tierra. At a very young age Roger Jr would be introduced to many musicians in the Los Angeles circuit. Members from WAR, Malo, El Chicano, Thee Midnigters and more. Much of Roger Jrs musical taste is owed to his father. A big testament to this was his introduction to L.A oldies. Roger quotes saying: " That whole L.A oldie sound shares so much with Jamaican music. Any lover of The Techniques is gonna easily love Sly,Slick, and Wicked. Any lover of Gene Chandler is gonna dig Alton Ellis ."

Over the years Roger has shared the stage with many Jamaican legends including: Leonard Dillion, Rico Rodriguez, Roy Ellis, Alton Ellis, Pat Kelly, Derrick Morgan, and Prince Buster. His love for Reggae can be seen here with these versions. "Jackie Mittoo and Winston Wright, man those are my guys! There were tons of great organ and piano players in the reggae, but those 2 guys were consistently on top of their tune!

Roger is a founding member of The Aggrolites and tours with them constantly. "Its really great to see the love for Skinhead Reggae all over the world. This music will never die" Recently Roger formed a group called The Bullets. The Bullets pay respect to the L.A Jamaican connection. "Its an All-Star band in a sense that everyone has payed their dues and has played music for so long. Its really hard to gather a group of guys that are all on the same page. I am a lucky mug! Funnest time I have ever had playing music!"

Roger released Organ Versions Vol.1 and received so much positive feedback that its time for another 5 shots of reggae. "This time around I got to sit with some collectors and DJs I really admire. Mark Morales from L.A is the reggae teacher. Always bringing out tunes never before heard! Jurassic sound is like no other! Brazil meets Jamaica! " Sit back and turn the music up! Its time for Versions Vol.2….