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GO FEET! Radio #100 Peter Tosh Tribute

GO FEET! Radio presents …
Episode 100, 8 September 2010

Peter Tosh, born Winston Hubert McIntosh (19 October 1944 – 11 September 1987) was a reggae musician who was a core member of The Wailers who then went on to have a successful solo career as well as being a trailblazer for the Rastafarian movement. In this episode to mark the 1ooth show of GO FEET! Radio and the death of Peter Tosh on 9/11, Allen interviewed friend of Peter Tosh, Roger Steffens. Enjoy!!!

1. Intro/Pick Myself Up – LIVE at The Ritz -Sept 29 1981
2. Stop that Train instrumental
3. 400 years -Wailers-LIVE at the Paris theatre in England 1973
4. Making Love – Studio 1 -1966
5. Get Up, Stand Up Bob Marley and the Wailers (with Peter Tosh)-1978-Starlight Bowl, Burbank, Los Angeles, California, USA
6. Once Bitten version- 1971
7. Legalize it version -1974 – interview mixed 2009
8. Equal Rights- 1977
9. Burial – LIVE at the One Love Peace Concert 1978,Jamaica.
10. Don’t Look Back – 1978 with Mick Jagger
11. Creation – 1978
12. Buk-In-Hamm Palace (12” Mix)- 1979
13. Wanted Dread and Alive – 1981
14. Oh Bumbo Klaat – 1981
15. Fools Die – 1981
16. Mama Africa – 1983
17. Together Again – 1983-6 (Never Ending Wailers album)
18. Lessons in my life – 1987
19. In my song – 1987
20. Rastafari Is – LIVE at The Roxy L.A 1982


Peter Tosh and Roger Steffens at Hank Holmes house in September 1979, during a famous interview with them about being stoned with money in Kingston in the 60′s, and man-eating trees in africa.

Photo credit: Roger Steffens


GO FEET! Radio presents …
Boogie in my Bones – Laurel Aitken interview
Episode 99, 01 September 2010

Here’s an interview I cut and pasted from the Cherry Red Records DVD: Laurel Aitken and Friends LIVE at Club Ska.
This was all mixed on the spot in the studio while going live to air so its a bit rough in places,
but overall I’m happy with it, hope you are too.
I finish with a bonus track sent to me from Laurel Aitken’s daughter, a cover of her father’s song Rude Boy Dream.
Go Feet!

1. Dee’s Group – President Kennedy
2. Laurel Aitken – Lowdown Dirty Girl
3. Laurel Aitken with Kenneth Richards – Judgement Day
4. Laurel Aitken – Honey Girl
5. Amos Milburn – One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer
6. Calvin Boze – Waiting and Drinking
7. Omar Kent Dykes – No More Doggin (Ruf Records)
8. Ska Flames with Rolando Alphonso, Lester Sterling – Extra (110)
9. Laurel Aitken – Boogie in my Bones
10. Laurel Aitken interview with music
11. Laurel Aitken – Sally Brown
12. Laurel Aitken – Rude Boy Dream
13. Laurel Aitken with Ska Flames, Rolando Alphonso, Lester Sterling – Dance with me
14. Ska Flames with Rolando Alphonso, Lester Sterling – Give Thanks
15. Ska Cubano – Hold Tight Jamaica
16. Jim Murple Memorial – Condo’s Stomp
17. Pressure Cooker – You’re the one
18. The Black Seeds – Make a move [NZ]
19. Ska Flames with Rolando Alphonso, Lester Sterling – Rip Van Winkle
20. New York Ska Jazz Ensemble – Boogie Stop Shuffle
21. Rotterdam Ska Jazz Foundation – Road to Kingston
22. Africa Unite – Judge Not
23. Ska Flames with Rolando Alphonso, Lester Sterling – No More Time
24. Laurel Aitken with Ska Flames, Rolando Alphonso, Lester Sterling – Zion City
Bonus track: Mr Betus feat. Mr Diamond – Rude Boy Dreams

GO FEET! Radio#97 Shiverdown Festival updates with Bianca and Reti

GO FEET! RADIO presents …
SHIVERDOWN FESTIVAL updates with Bianca and Reti
Episode 97, 18 August 2010

It was so good having Bianca and Reti in the studio with me for this episode, they are Shiverdown organizers and coodinators. They fill us in on Shiverdown Festival thats coming up and we get to hear, for the first time ever on air, a massive NEW tune from The Knights of the Dub Table. And for the record, I don’t normally play Dubstep on my show but thought I’d give it a whirl as there will be dubstep spun by the DJs at Shiverdown. Funny thing is, I actually liked the dubstep I played, might have to find some more to spin for ya – or not! Let me know what you think.

1. The Black Seeds – Send a Message [NZ]
2. The Black Seeds – Afrophone (LIVE) [NZ]
3. The Black Seeds – Slingshot (Truth Remix) [NZ]
4. Search and Destroy – Candy Floss (Loefah Mix)
5. Uncle Sam – Round the World Girls (Tes La Rok Mix)
6. The Bug – Poison Dart
7. Rhombus – Babylon Retreat [NZ]
8. dDub – Medicane Man [NZ]
9. dDub – JuJu Mama [NZ]
((((Interview with Bianca and Reti of Shiverdown Festival 2010))))
10. Knights of the Dub Table – Cool Rider [NZ]
11. Knights of the Dub Table – Forget [NZ]
12. Knights of the Dub Table – Living Carefree [NZ]
13. Knights of the Dub Table – Small (Bubblewrap Mix) [NZ]
14. Katchafire – Say What You’re Thinking [NZ]


GO FEET! Radio presents…
Reggae Addiction
Episode 95, 03 August 2010

Hi I’m Nate, and I’ve been a Reggae addict since the age of 9 … I have no clean days because I listen to Ska and Reggae everyday!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy this mix. Coming up on GO FEET! Radio is an interview with Bianca Angel and some of the band members of the band Knights of the Dub Table as well as another insightful interview with roger Stefens, this time on the life and chimes of the great PETER TOSH!! Hear dis!

1. The Oldians – Action
2. The Bullets – Sun Drenched Witch
3. Predator Dub Assassins – The Good You Do
4. Chezidek – Chant Dem
5. 1814 – Jah Rastafari [NZ]
6. The Pepper Pots – feat. Aspo – Duck Soup
7. Prince Fatty – The Fat Panther
8. U Roy and Alton Ellis – Ain’t That Lovin You
9. Rico Rodriguez – Rainbow into the Rio Mino
10. The Caroloregians – Slag Heap Serenade
11. The Cabrians – For A Few Pussies More
12. Hepcat – Penny Reel
13. Roger Riva and Sharron Jones and the Dap Kings – Keep On Looking Remix
14. Sharron Jones and the Dap Kings – Mama Don’t Like My Man
15. Sharron Jones and the Dap Kings – How Long Do I Have To Wait For You
16. Lee Fields – Could Have Been
17. Antibalas feat. Mayra Vega – Che Che Cole Makossa
18. Crabs Corporation – Irrompibles Do
19. Mr T Bone – What You Wanna Do
20. Jamaica 69 – Reggae Girl
21. The Oldians – Addiction
22. The Slackers – The TV Dinner Song
23. Ocean 11 – Stop That Train
24. Freetown – Skinhead Girl
25. Laurel Aitken and Freetown – Rudy Girl
26. Africa Unite – Redemption Song


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