Sunday, September 8, 2019

#567 :: GO FEET! Radio counts down to the last episode (5 Sept 2019)

Hey everyone, after a lot of thought I've finally decided to call it a day and finish up GO FEET! Radio on FreeFM before the end of September. It wasn't an easy decision but some of my priorities have changed and the timing it right. It's been one of the best musical rides I've had and there's so many people to thank. Like Phil Grey and Mike Williams of FreeFM, and the many co-hosts over the years including Jim Cascino of Windy City Soundsystem, Leonardo Corso aka Leo Dub, Vic Summerfield aka DJ Skin & Bone, Meshell Rhianwen aka Miss Steady, and Allen aka DJ Nattymouse to name a few. 

To all the bands and artists, the music distributors, and the festival promoters, there's so many people that have helped support GO FEET! Radio over the years. And thanks to Steve Kitchen of for designing our show logo. But most of all, I thank all the listeners that have tuned in, bought tee shirts, shared my show links and cheered me on. Thank you. 

So, you may be 'wondering now, what to do, now you know this is the end'. There is some interest in keeping a Ska / Reggae show going on FreeFM and if you're keen to do this let me know asap and I'll link you with the right people to help you make it happen. 

In this episode I reminisce about some of the interviews I've done over the years with some of the coolest people. There's way more interviews than whats mentioned here, this is juts the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy!

Symarip (Roy Ellis) - Skinhead Moonstomp
The Beat (Dave Wakeling) - Tears Of A Clown
The Upsessions (Boss van Trigt) - What If These Tears
Mr T-Bone (Luigi De Gaspari) - Cosmic Puppets
Charles Bradley feat. The Inversions - Whatcha Doing (To Me)
Pama International (Allan Flowerdew) - Sure You Know The Price (But Do You Know The Cost)
Roy Panton - Mighty Ruler
Jim the Boss (Jim Monaghan) feat. The HiFi Rockers - Birthday Party
Dr. Alimantado (Duncan Campbell) - Best Dressed Chicken In Town
Atsushi & The Moisties (Atsushi Ukito) - A Sound of The Ska
AceTones (Nick Brown) - CC

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