Friday, September 13, 2019

#568 :: Windy City Sound System 21 :: This Is Modern Ska! (11 Sept 2019)

Here’s Part 2 to our episode last month, which is featuring strictly ska music. After 50+ years in existence, the genre has gone through a number of “waves” of popularity, and the sound has evolved and fused with others in ways that the Jamaican originators wouldn’t have ever imagined. We could probably put together another handful of episodes to include all these iterations, but seeing as we’re nearing the end of the decade, we wanted to look back at the last ten years worth of ska music. Within this episode you’ll find both some of my favorite tunes from the last decade, as well as some other ones that I think have flown under the radar, proving that the genre is still alive, well, and positively thriving even to this day!

The Cabrians - Hosana 
The Brooklyn Attractors - Gowanamera 
The Moon Invaders - Why? 
The Branlarians - Wanty & Getty
The Steady 45s - Anywhere But Here 
The Fuss - Old Testament
The Prizefighters - You’ll Never Know
The Debonaires - Oil In My Lamp (feat. Angelo Moore) 
The Brothers Ignatius - Get The Habit 
Dr. Ring Ding Ska-Vaganza - The Rule 
Ed Rome - Curtain Call 
Soweto - Last Duel In OK Corral 
Soul Radics - One Time 
Bombskare - Do All Dogs Go To Heaven? 
Alpheus - Nah Go Tek It
The Chris Murray Combo - Ain’t No Joke Being Broke 
Dudley Sibley & Smooth Beans - Jamaica Farewell

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