Friday, November 30, 2018

#527 :: Trojan Records / Pama Spotlight (21 November 2018)

People that are a part of fandoms love to come up with debates about the superiority of one versus another: Star Wars vs. Star Trek, Marvel vs. DC, and so on. One that I’m surprised I haven’t heard too often from the reggae side of things is Trojan vs Pama. Seeing as they were the two big UK record companies operating in the late ‘60s/early ‘70s, it seems only natural that fans of the genre would try to pit them against one another. Since Trojan is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and Pama is celebrating 51 year, we thought we’d put together a mix of tunes released on both labels (and their many subsidiaries)! 

Harry J All Stars - Liquidator (Trojan/Harry J)
Joya Landis - Out The Light (Trojan)
The Pioneers - I Need Your Sweet Inspiration (Trojan)
The Maytals - Watermelon (Trojan)
Symarip - You’re Mine (Trojan)
Higgs & Wilson - Don’t Mind Me (Clandisc)
The Dynamites - John Public (Duke)
I-Roy & The Jumpers - Hot Bomb (Green Door)
Neasden Connection - Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto, No. 1 (Horse)
Scotty - Sesame Street (Song Bird)
Dandy Livingstone - Sister Big Stuff (Big Shot) 

Alton Ellis - My Time Is The Right Time (Pama)
The Viceroys - Chariot Coming (Bullet)
Mr. Foundation - Maga Dog (Supreme)
Derrick Morgan - Man Pon Moon (Crab)
Little Roy - Bongo Nyah (Camel)
The Soul Rhythms - Soul Call (Gas)
The Clan - Copycats (Bullet)
Sweet Confusion - Elisabeth Serenade (Escort)
Laurel Aitken - Big Fight In Hell (Nu Beat)
The Versatiles - Children Get Ready (Crab)

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