Friday, November 30, 2018

528 :: Guns of Auckland Ska Fest, Bluesfest, and Beyond (28 November 2018)

Here's a big shout out to the Auckland Ska Festival kicking off this weekend at Galatos 3pm. A special mention here about Atsushi Moisty - he got a big shout out from David Rodigan on BBC Sounds. Here's what Atsushi had to say:

"Oh wow, I have never thought that my song would be played on BBC. This made my day!! David Rodigan played Sound of the Ska (early classic from the Moisties which is also on Rudies All Around compilation - worldwide release). And I have never thought that David Rodigan would complement the recording by comparing to Federal Studios recording of Jamaica. If anyone wants to listen, follow this link, it’s around 1 hour 12ish. I just feel very humble. More life!"

In the mix as well are tracks from more artists just announced for Bluesfest Byron Bay 2019. And a whole lot of tasty tracks to help you ease into the weekend. Enjoy.

Atsushi and the Moisties - Sound Of The Ska
Dimestore Skanks - Lady Ska Ska
AceTones - Rolling Like a Trojan
Surrey Boudit - Guns of Brixton (Live at Grey Lynn RSC
Phoenix City All-Stars - Guns Of Brixton (dub)
Melbourne Ska Orchestra - Judge and Jury
Iggy Pop - The Passenger
Staya Staya - La Muerte del Dictador
Peter Tosh - I Am The Toughest
Derrick Morgan - Lover Boy
Angel Town Combo - Adorable You (Live)
Winston Francis - Ten Times Sweeter Than You
The Debonaires feat. Angelo Moore of FISHBONE - Oil In My Lamp
The Slackers - Have The Time
Jr Thomas and the Volcanos - Mr Harriott
The Untouchables - Tighten Up

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